Relaxing in the hot tub after a tiring day is quite the luxury, and can be very beneficial to your health as well.  But a healthy hot tub requires some work; even the most elegant everyday hot tubs need to be maintained regularly.  A regular cleaning schedule is critical to keep your hot tub free of gunk, slime, or dirty water, and any of these things will make it unhygienic.

The water in hot tubs is kept at a certain temperature and this temperature is perfect for molds, bacteria, and other organisms to grow and flourish. A thorough cleaning should be completed regularly as well as checking the hot tub filters for possible replacement. Artesian spa filters are a good choice if your filter is old, frayed, or torn.

Tips to Stay on Top of Hot Tub Cleanliness

Follow this step-by-step procedure to clean and maintain the hygiene of your hot tub and keep it consistently clean.

Step 1: Draining

Flush the Ilines Before you Start to Drain. This is a crucial step as gunk buildup can occur in the lines too and they must be cleaned.  If the water is drained before flushing the lines, you risk contaminating the new water with the bacteria in them. Keep your hot tub clean by running a special cleaner through the inner workings.

Line flush for hot tubs is available from any pool supply store. There are many types of line flush available, make sure you buy the one specific for hot tubs.  Follow the instructions and allow the treatment to run its full cycle before draining.

Turn the Power OFF

Make sure the power is off and the tub is unplugged or disconnected from the power source before draining.

Drain the Water

Follow the step-by-step procedure of draining your hot tub as provided in the instruction manual of your hot tub. After flushing the lines, the water may have become cloudy; it should be completely drained.

Step 2: Cleaning

Start Cleaning by Applying Hot Tub Cleaner

There are special cleaners available for hot tubs. They are specially formulated cleaners and will protect the shell of your tub as they do not have any abrasive particles in them. To clean the hot tub, spray the interior of your tub with a hose and then scrub it with the sponge and your cleaner.

After cleaning the inner shell, rinse it thoroughly and then wipe it dry with a clean towel. Make sure there is no residue left; the residue will alter the water chemistry.

Clean the Filter Cartridges

Remove and clean the filter cartridges.  Be sure to get in between the pleats.  Use of a brush is not required, but special brushes designed for filter cartridges can be helpful. You may also want to place the filter in an oil-cutting solution for an hour or longer; filter cleaning solution is available at any pool supply store.

Re-install Filters

After cleaning is complete, re-install your filter cartridges. If the filter cartridges are very worn, frayed, or torn, it’s a better idea to replace them. Unicel hot tub filter cartridge replacements are a good choice.

Step 3: Refilling hot tub

Add Water

Add water to the filters. Place the hose inside the well of your filter and let the water pass through the filters to its lines and finally fill up the reservoir of the hot tub.

Turn the Power ON

Connect the power supply and turn the hot tub on. Run the hot tub for a few minutes and listen for any unusual noise from your pump/filter.

Add Chemicals

After filling the hot tub and running the pump for a bit, add the correct amount of chemicals to the hot tub water. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, since combinations will vary according to the make and model of your hot tub.  Once the wait time of water treatment has lapsed, check the water chemistry again to make sure chlorine and pH levels are at correct levels.

Step 4: Maintaining


Sanitize your hot tub by adding chlorine or bromine tablets weekly. The amount needed will depend on the size of your hot tub and the chemicals you have used. Be careful to not mix treatments that aren’t compatible; the wrong combination of treatments can cause serious injury.  Always wear gloves, eye protection and protective clothing.  Safety first!

Clean the Filter Cartridges Monthly

The filter cartridges of your hot tub keep the water clean by trapping dirt. They need to be cleaned regularly and more often if your tub is heavily used.  A clean filter cartridge will clean the water more efficiently and the life of the filter is prolonged by regular cleaning.

Sundance Hot Tub Filter Cartridge Replacements are a good choice. Even if you clean and maintain your hot tub properly and regularly, the filter cartridges will need to be replaced after a while.

Clean the Shell Every 3 Months

Acrylic shells are very resistant to mold or bacterial growth; but wiping down the hot tub will help to ensure that buildup is less likely to occur.

Clean the Cover Monthly

It’s a good idea to clean the cover about once a month as it is exposed to the elements and will collect dirt.  Wipe both the outer and the underside of the cover. Use a mild cleanser to clean the outside of the cover if needed, but only clean the underside with plain water.  Remove the cover to clean the underside properly.


To maintain the joy of relaxing in your sparkling clean hot tub, you’ll need to clean and maintain it regularly. When you’re on top of your hot tub cleaning, there is more time to enjoy your hot tub.