How To Choose The Best Pool Skimmer - A Complete Guide

A pristine swimming pool is every pool owners dream come true. Unfortunately dirt, leaves, bugs, and other environmental factors can deteriorate the quality of the water and some can lead to skin rashes and infections. When debris floats to the bottom of the pool, cleaning can become a nightmare.

Various debris makes it necessary to skim the pool. If you are confused about how to select the perfect skimmer for your pool, read on to find some nifty tricks and enjoy a squeaky-clean pool.

What are Pool Skimmers and Why are They Important?

Skimmers are cleaning equipment that have a mesh structure attached to a frame with a handle and are used to clean the surface of the pool. They may also be built in and are similar to “pockets” along the sides of the pool.

It is vital to own a skimmer because it prevents debris from settling to the bottom of the pool and contaminating the water or clogging the plumbing. Either of these issues can lead to microbial accumulation, thus increasing the risks of infection and reducing the effectiveness of the filtration system. An inefficient filtration system will increase energy consumption, meaning higher electrical bills!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Skimmer

Is it Cost-Efficient?

Skimmers are simple tools; however, quality is important. A cheaper option may not be the best one.

Is It Sturdy?

Read reviews from other owners to determine if the skimmer is of good quality and durability. Pay attention to flaws indicated by the reviews. This will assist you in determining if the skimmer has a proven track record.

Is it Convenient?

Some skimmers come pre-assembled and others are not.  Although every skimmer comes with a manual that will provide instructions on assembly, decide what option is the most convenient for you.

Built-In Skimmers

Most pools have a built-in skimmer. These skimmers are a small opening at the top of the pool and flow through a small basket, catching the surface debris. Access to the basket is through a small lid that is flush with the pool deck.

Automatic Skimmers / Vacuums

Some built-in skimmers can accommodate the vacuum hose for effective cleaning of the pool. The hose is attached within the same enclosure as the skimmer basket.

These skimmers are automated and can be programmed to vacuum the bottom of the pool to remove debris. It is important to note that although these types of skimmers are much costlier than manual skimmers, it can be a wise investment in the long run.

Manual Skimmers

Manual skimmers do not require a power source and are basically a net on a pole, making them a simple and inexpensive option. Manual skimmers are best used on surface debris.

Final Word

Following a systematic procedure to clean your pool of debris is essential for a safe and healthy swimming environment. Checking the skimmer regularly and cleaning out the debris will keep your pool clean and functional for long-term, safe usage; as well as help to prevent chances of expensive repairs and pool filter replacements.