How to Choose Best Covers for Spas

Spas are no longer just another luxury – today there is a whole bunch of people who can't carry out their regular routine without taking a dip in their very own spa. Owing to the multiple benefits of using spas, the number of users is rising at a steady rate. A bath tub experience is quite luxurious and a spa experience is more than that. A spa is not very different from a bathtub in which you can control the flow of water. The latest spas, however, have a lot more to offer, such as seating arrangement for multiple users and adjustable jets.

While we intend to choose world class spas, we should have the same seriousness while picking products associated with those. Haughs products, for instance, are a very good option, especially for beginners. Measuring up to high-quality standards, these products ensure a pleasing spa experience along with complete hygiene.

Speaking of hygiene, clean and clear spa water is the first factor that comes to a spa owner's mind. Fortunately, Haughs spa filters can very well take care of this concern. Easy to clean and maintain, these filters do not require much of your time or effort. Making every type of spa filter available to the customers, the brand meets almost every need regarding filtration.

For those using cartridge filters, Haughs makes things a lot easier by providing high quality replacement cartridges. With regular usage, your cartridge is bound to become less efficient. At some point, it might even fail to clean spa water – dirty water in your spa despite regular filtration cycles is a symptom of this problem. Haughs replacement filter cartridge can replace the old one and raise the efficiency of filtration.

Cleaning spa water is definitely an important task but at the same time, you need to implement some other measures in order to avoid water contamination. One of these measures is to use a spa cover – its function is to keep the spa covered when not in use so that dust particles and other debris cannot enter spa water. The better the spa cover does its job, the lesser will be the load on your spa filter. Read also, spa maintenance begins with water balancing.

It is thus, necessary to consider the following points while choosing a spa cover:

Type of Foam Core:

Foam Core

Every spa cover has a foam core – the thickness and density of this core is an important feature of the cover. It is always better to choose a pure polystyrene foam instead of re-grind foam as the latter is a recycled foam that can quickly absorb water and thus cannot shield your spa from rain.

Thickness and Density of Foam Core:

Depending on the climate, you need to choose a cover with an appropriate foam core density and thickness. Low density foam core, for instance, is suitable for indoor hot tubs.