Read on to find out about 3 types of cartridges for your swimming pool!

If you have a swimming pool, or a Jacuzzi or even a nice hot tub in your backyard, you know how precious it is to you. You have enjoyed many evenings by the water and you will definitely want to make sure that the pool is in operation and clean conditions at all times. This means making sure that the filtration system is running at all time and you have the right cartridges and the filter!

There are mainly 3 types of filters available in the market, These all three filters are very capable of maintaining the water properly.

1. cheap filter cartridgesSand Filter - As the name suggests, it uses sand in the filtration process. There is a layer of sand in the filter so that when swimming pool water passes through this layer, the sand retains all the dirt and debris and allows only clean water to pass through. It is a simple filtration process - just remember to clean or backwash the filter or else it will result in lowering of efficiency. Most people change the sand after a decade!
2. filter cartridgeCartridge Pool Filter - It is another type of filter which does not require much time, effort or maintenance. The water passes through this cartridge and the dust and dirt gets collected by it. Just make sure to clean this cartridge by rinsing it in clean water. Once in a while, you may have to replace the cartridge!
3. replacement filtersDiatomaceous Earth Filters - One of the most effective and modern filters is the DE filtration system. These are used mainly for people who want ultra clean water! It is used mainly for public pool filters and pumps. The filters are covered by Diatomaceous Earth and when the water passes through Diatomaceous Earth, it filters away the minutest of dust, dirt and germs! It is costly but then quality is guaranteed!