How is Chlorine-Free Pool Water a Better Alternative

If one were to list all the chemicals used in maintaining a swimming pool, he/she would end up mentioning at least a dozen – while some of these are used on the walls and flooring of the pool, some others are meant for pool water. Almost all pool owners wonder if it is possible to keep swimming pool water clean and clear without the use of any chemicals. The answer, unfortunately, is “no”. Unless nobody swims in a pool and it is kept covered all the time, there is no way to prevent impurities such as dust particles from contaminating pool water.

Once the contaminants enter pool water, they won't stay in it for a long time provided the pool has an efficient system for water circulation and filtration. The Pool Filter traps these impurities, and the pump which is responsible for circulation keeps the water in motion so that it does not allow the impurities to settle down. Along with products for cleaning and maintaining these crucial parts of pool equipment, you also need pool chemical supplies. These supplies usually include oxidizers used for shock treatments, sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine which kill the microbes in pool water, chemicals for balancing pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels and calcium hardness of water, clarifiers, algaecides, enzymes, filter cleaners, magnets, stain removers, and floor and wall cleaners.

Among the several chemicals used for pools, sanitizers happen to be the most important ones. Killing the microbes in pool water, sanitizers cut the chances of diseases and infections among swimmers. While chlorine is one of the most common sanitizers used alongside Pool Cleaning Chemicals, many people these days are opting for chlorine-free pool water, the following being the reasons for the same:

Scale Formation is Less Likely in Chlorine-Free Pools:

Scales formed due to the accumulation of calcium carbonate are common in pools that have chlorine. If neglected these scales can ruin pool water quality and damage pool equipment. In chlorine-free pool water, however, such scales are not found that often.

No need for saltwater chlorinators:

Those having saltwater pools have to spend a significant amount of money on chlorinators while buying pool chemicals online. This expenditure can be avoided by choosing a chlorine-free pool.

The points mentioned above are just the benefits of chlorine-free pools. One needs to consider several factors while choosing between chlorine pools and chlorine-free pools.