Cartridge pool filters have become the choicest option of pool owners owing to their high affordability, low maintenance and exceptional performance. Howsoever satisfied pool owners may be, their greatest plight lies in proper upkeep and maintenance of their pool filter failing which their pool will become a hotbed of germs and bacteria. So, when and how often should they clean their filter so that hygiene and cleanliness of pool is maintained?

Cartridge filters have a pressure gauge on them which clearly indicates whether or not the filter requires cleaning.  The pressure gauge indicates a reading of 12-12 PSI when the filter is new and unused. As the cartridge filter is put to use, debris starts getting accumulated on the cartridge element allowing the pressure to build up.

Since, the filter functions well at low pressure, it is advisable to clean the filter when the pressure reaches 18-20 PSI by hosing them off with water.  Generally, the filter should be cleaned up every 2-4 weeks.  You can go over this process for months and even years.  In fact, the frequency of filter cleaning would depend upon your usage of the filter. Whatever may be the situation, it is advisable to clean the filters more frequently in order to avail optimum performance.

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