If you want the water of your pool not to pose any health dangers, you should get a pool filter system. Combined with some chemicals you will always have a clean pool.

Parts of the Filter System

A swimming pool filter contains various parts and you’ve got to know about them if you don’t want to spend extra on cleaning the pool filter system. Contrary to popular belief, pool filters need to be changed too often. Proper maintenance can restore the performance back to the pool filter. The following are the important parts of a pool filter. Check out your pool filter the next time you get a chance and look for the following.

A filter system includes:

Skimmer – the skimmer directs the water in the pool into the filter. The skimmer includes a basket that is used to trap the debris before it goes into the filter.

Secondary Basket – the second basket also functions the same way- it traps any debris that passed through the first basket. The water continues its course in the filter cartridge.

Filter Cartridge – a filter cartridge is usually round or square and it is most commonly made of cloth fiber material. The chlorine you use filters the water and removes all tiny debris left. The pump will most likely have this kind of filter or a sand filter.

Sand Filter – if you use a sand filter, the process is more or less the same: the water passes through the filter to be cleaned. The only difference is that when you use a sand filter, you should add the chlorine directly into the pool and have the pump activated before you do.