Hot tub filter cartridges are great for keeping your pool or hot tub spa water clear. Dirty, clogged or worn-out hot tub filters will fail in their job of trapping contaminants and put an unnecessary strain on the spa pumps. It is therefore important to maintain the filtration system to ensure hot tub water quality. While there are three different types of hot tub filters available, cartridge filters are the most recommended filters for spa and hot tubs.

Due to the wet environment and high temperature of hot tub makes filter surfaces are prone to get inhabited by bacteria, moulds, mildew that causes stains and odours. At Pool Filters, we offer hot tub filter cartridges that have in-built anti-microbial product protection that filter out contaminants and inhibit the growth of harmful micro-organisms thereby ensuring perfectly clear, clean, and pure tub water.

Hot tub spa filter cartridges offered by us comply with the OEM specifications and are of utmost quality. However, if it is more than two years old, you should think of replacing the cartridge filtering element. We offer cartridge filters of latest designs and models available in filtration technology, that keep your spa or hot tub clean, healthy and beautiful.

We offer the largest variety of quality spa filters, hot tub filters, and spa filter cartridges of all kinds and all brands including Pleatco, Hayward, Jacuzzi and more. Products offered by us stand on a reputation of quality and reliability. So, if you wish to avail high quality, low cost hot tub filters, feel free to get in touch with us at pool filter suppliers ; we are always at your service.