Nothing could be more relaxing than taking a bath in your hot tub or spa after a tiring long day especially in winters. Hot tubs have indeed become a preferred method of relaxation nowadays. Since, your spa is prone to get contaminated with bodily dirt and filth, it is necessary to install hot tub filter cartridges in order to manage the quality of hot tub water.

swimming pool filter cartridges


Hot tub filter cartridges play a vital role in maintaining the hygiene and sanitization of your hot tub. These filters are crucial for sustaining proper functioning of hot tubs. The spa filter cartridges also help in removing harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae from the water. If these are not removed, there is high risk of skin infection.

A hot tub filter can make a significant difference in the quality of water allowing you to enjoy your jacuzzi for a higher number of years and that too without any hassles. In order to maintain the quality of filtering, these filters require to be cleaned on regular intervals in order to enjoy un-interrupted swimming experience.

Cleaning the Cartridge Filtering element is quite simple and involves no hassles. Simply rinsing with water with the help of a hose can serve the purpose of cleaning the filter. However, if a layer of calcium gets deposited on the cartridge, it could be removed by removed by soaking the filtering element in muriatic acid solution or some similar chemicals.

You can also alter between two cartridges to avoid any sort of interruption while enhancing the lifespan of each cartridge. So, if you are looking for high quality hot tub filter cartridges, PoolFilters, inc could be your one stop shop. Here you can avail pool and spa filters of leading brands such as Hayward, Sta-rite, Pentair and more. Besides filters, we also offer other pool and spa maintenance accessories.