You use your hot tub everyday  and at the end of the month the electricity bill becomes too heavy on the pockets? This is one thing hot tub owners do not think of before purchasing a hot tub and after buying the hot tub, they look out for ways to save money. The energy consumption depends on factors like the material, location and size of the machine installed. Once the optimal temperature is obtained, not much energy is used to keep the water warm. On the other hand, more energy is consumed to heat cold water. The following energy saving tips will help you save money:

-Monitor the Power Being Used: To calculate the amount of energy used a spa, you can make use of a power meter. If you have an old model, make sure you upgrade your model. Though various spa manufacturers keep in mind the factor of energy consumption while designing a product, it is important to keep a check on the amount of energy that is being used by your spa.

-Insulate: It is always advisable to use a hot tub that is build with material fit for insulation. If the hot tub you select does not have insulation, you can add insulation beneath the shell. This will help in saving energy.

-Use An Apt Size: The size of the hot tub should be chosen intelligently. If only a few people have to use the tub, make sure you do not a purchase a huge tube that can accommodate many people. If less people have to use it, choose among the models that are specifically designed for less users.

-Set Timer: Make sure you do not keep the machine running unnecessarily for days when it is not being used. If there are a few days when you know the machine will not be in use, lower down the temperature. In warm seasons, when the water already remains lukewarm, turning off the machine can be a great option to save energy.

-Install Filters: It is no surprise that unwanted contaminants will get collected if you use hot tubs everyday. What needs to be taken care of is that these contaminants should be removed from the water to avoid any health hazards. The best way to purify the water is by installing an efficient filter. While choosing a filter, opt for a filter having high density as these filters can purify the same amount of water and a speed faster than the normal speed, thereby saving energy.

-Keep The Spa Covered: Energy might seep out of the spa if it is not covered properly. Therefore, it is vital to keep the spa covered so that water does not evaporate at a high rate.

-Replace Parts When Needed: Hot tub replacement parts should be replaced as soon as they start to wear out. If they are not replaced on time, the process of heating and pumping will consume more energy.