Haywards pool products have been in the market from a long span of time and with time there has been observed a gradual change in the manufacturing of these products. This steady change has resulted in the development of world class products that offer top-notch services. Hayward pool filter is undoubtedly a renowned name in the world of pool filters. Also, the filter cartridges of the filters can be easily replaced as and when required. Let us have a look at the various modifications that have taken place in the recent years:

  • Air Relief Valve: Talking about the air relief valve, originally, the Hayward filters had a manual valve that could be operated by hand. It was later altered and filters with automatic air relief valve were created. When the air was pushed out of the vent by the water, a ball placed on the top of the filter would move up. The ball would keep moving till it prevented the water from leaking out. One of the challenges faced in this functioning of the filter was that the process went on fine till the time dirt got collected on the seat where the ball was placed. Once the dirt got collected, the ball would allow the water to escape out of the filter. This was a major drawback, hence, Hayward pool filters once again operated on manual air relief valves.
  • Clamp: The original clamp kept the tank present on the top and bottom of the filter together. Two bolts that were opposite each other kept the clamp fixed. One of the best features of the clamp was its width. However, if the bolts were not loosened, it became difficult to replace the clamp. The top of the clamp would not lie properly over the tank O-ring. To overcome this problem, Hayward started using only one bolt. Due to this now the lid comfortably lies over the O-ring, thereby making it easy to replace the filter clamp.
  • Center Rod: The center rod is one of the best features of these filters. The rod has the capability of efficiently holding together the grids and manifolds. Mostly, other filters have two rods, due to which replacing the grids becomes a little difficult. This task becomes simplified with Hayward as it has only on rod in the center.