inground pool cleaners automaticIt is important to have a properly sanitized and balanced pool for swimmer comfort as well safety. But at the same time it can extend the life of the pool and spa dramatically.

In order to protect the investment made by you in your backyard oasis, regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool is necessary. Hayward’s line of pool filers especially pool filter cartridges besides providing efficiency in terms of cleaning are also easy to install. Though available for pools of different sizes and types, these pool cleaning equipment are designed specifically for in-ground pools.

With Hayward Pool Products and accessories, you can create a back yard environment that is uniquely yours. Besides the comfort you desire, you get the control you need to create the ultimate back yard experience and that too at a lower operating cost and less environmental impact than you might expect.

Hayward pool filters along with other cleaner parts work in association with each other and save as much as 90% on their pool’s energy cost. In other words, they are extremely energy efficient and have attained new level of efficiency. In fact, cartridge pool filters and cleaners reduce the amount of daily maintenance needed to operate your pool, relieving the hassle of backwashing and refilling in sand and D.E filters respectively.

So, if you too wish to have a clean and sanitized swimming pool then Hayward pool products and filters are a must have. Feel free to get in touch with us at pool filters, we will be glad to help you.