Hayward filters are known for their high-performance, durability and affordability. Besides pool filters Hayward offers wide range of pool products including wide range products such as pumps, pipes and cleaners. The three main types of pool filters offered by Hayward include Sand, Cartridge and D.E filters.

Pool Filter

Filters of this brand are durable, dependable, and designed using the cutting-edge technology. In fact, Pool filters and products of this brand combine performance along with energy efficiency.  The filters of this particular brand have some characteristic feature that sets them apart from filters of other brands. Whether you have an above ground or in-ground pool, small or big, you can find appropriate Hayward pool filter as per your need.

Hayward filters be it sand, cartridge or D.E, all of them are designed to make your swimming pool water free from all sorts of dirt and debris. Pool filters are assisted by pool pumps in order to successfully remove debris by circulating pool water throughout the pool thus ensuring clean and sparkling swimming water. Filters of this brand are amongst the highest quality as well as the most affordable filters available in the market.

The filters of this brand are noted for their simple operability and low maintenance demands. Sand filters of this brand have under drain or lateral drain with slots to hold back sand, which improves filtration. Cartridge filters on the other hand screens out all type of dirt and debris through the cartridge element made up of pleats of corrugated paper. These filters eliminate the need for backwashing saving gallons of water. Finally, D.E filter offer best performance amongst all the filters as they can remove microscopic particles as small as one micron.

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