With growing trend of installing backyard swimming pool, the demand for pool filters has risen exponentially. This has led many brands to launch their products in to the market. Of all the brands out there, Hayward pool filters have carved a niche for themselves in the pool filtration industry owing to their great performance, high affordability, and easy maintenance.

Though, Hayward offers pool filters of all three types, cartridge pool filters are effortlessly accomplishing the demand of pool water cleaning. Besides pool filters, Hayward offers wide array of pool products and accessories required for poolmaintenance.

Cartridge filters from Hayward have a larger surface area than sand filters allowing for lesser clogs and easier maintenance. These filters run at lower pressure and thus exert less back pressure on the pump, providing better flow and turnover. Because of their extra cleaning capacity these filters can accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes.

Hayward also offers reusable cartridge filter elements if you are thinking of replacing your old cartridge filtering element.  The replaceable elements are made up of a superior reinforced polyester material thus providing high degree of water clarity and longer filter cycles. To maintain your pool water cleanliness and clarity, Hayward genuine replacement cartridge elements are the number one choice in cartridge filtration.

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