Upgrading your regular swimming pool to a salt water pool is no longer as arduous as it used to be. You have only one basic step in the process, that is adding some salt along with chlorine generator. The magic begins with this very step.

The end of plumbing system preceding the return is usually the installation spot for the saline water system. Installing this way ensures that the pool water gets filtered before entering the chlorine generator. Among the components of the chlorine generator, the most important one is a cell that carries out the conversion of natural salt in your swimming pool water to low quantities of chlorine to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Salt Pool Water

The level of salt in the pool water is considerably low and hence it is almost the same as fresh water. For instance, a concentration of salt in a pool is about 3000 ppm while that in an ocean is about 36000 ppm. Hence, your body won't feel sticky after a swim in your saltwater pool.

During the conversion, operation of the crucial parts of your pool equipment such as heater and pump remains undisturbed. These parts, however, work in coordination with the chlorine generator. A good strategy is to use the same timer and power source for both the control panel of the generator and the pump, allowing both parts to operate simultaneously. This way the whole system will be in sync and hence you can maintain a healthy swimming environment. Make sure you don't neglect the cleaning and replacement routine for your pool filter cartridges during the conversion.

Salt In Hand

As far as chlorine generators are concerned, you can choose from a plethora of models offered by reputed brands of pool products. Installation and operation of these generators is quite simple. Using some basic tools, you can have your chlorine generator installed in just twenty minutes. During recent years, technology in saltwater swimming pool industry has made a significant progress, making it much more convenient for pool owners to install chlorine generators during saltwater pool conversion.

If you choose a generator for which the installation process is quite complicated, you will have to do some plumbing and electrical work in advance.