A pool owner’s worst nightmare is a pool full of green water. Since, swimming pools and spa are subject to frequent contagion from foreign particles brought in by swimmers, and other air borne particles, regular maintenance is required. This is where pool filters comes to picture. Though users have a couple of options to choose from, pool filter cartridge have grabbed the attention of pool users.

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These filters make use cartridge element made up of polyester to filter out small particles of dirt. These filters can trap particles as small as 5 to 10 microns in size. As dirt keeps on accumulating, the filter canister pressure rises. When the pump pressure reflects a pressure more than 8 PSI, its time to get your cartridge filter cleaned up.

While the filter could be cleaned up by simply rinsing with water, the pool filter cartridges needs to be soaked in a muriatic acid solution if it gets coated with algae, calcium carbonate, iron, or other oils and sun tan lotions introduced by bathers.

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