Guide to Maintain Intex Recreation Pool Filters

Intex Recreation filters are known for their efficiency and durability. However, they can function for a long span of time, only if good care is taken of the same. Read on to know how Intex Recreation pool filters can be maintained.

One of the best ways to keep the water of your swimming pool sparkling is by installing a quality pool filter. However, only installing a pool filter once will not end all the work – it must be ensured that good care is taken of the filters, so that they work efficiently for a long span of time.

Intex Recreation is one of the trusted names in the world of pool filters. To increase their efficiency, a pool owner should clean the cartridges from time to time. Here are a few questions that run in the mind of pool owners:

Question: How Do I Backwash My Intex Filter Cartridges?

Answer: The Intex pool filter comprises of a cartridge that must be back washed regularly. To do the same, one must make use of a garden hose. To clean the cartridge, turn the pump off and close the valves (both inlet and outlet), and pull the cartridge out. Use the garden hose and spray water on the pleats of the cartridges. Leave the cartridge till it dries out completely; only then replace it back into the filter. Back washing must be done once in a week.

Question: What Do I Do If the Water of the Pool Remains Dirty Even After Back Washing the Cartridges?

Answer: If the water of the swimming pool remains dirty even after you have back washed the cartridge, you must deep clean the cartridge. The oil from our body, lotion that we apply, soap pieces etc. form a  greasy layer on the surface of the cartridge. This can be removed by soaking the cartridge in a solution made of 6 parts of pool chlorinator and 1 part of water. Rinse the cartridge the next day and reinstall it once completely dry. Deep cleaning must be conducted once in every three months.

Question: Why Should I Clean the Filter Cartridge Regularly?

Answer: It is extremely important to clean the filter cartridge on a regular basis because a clogged filter cartridge will keep the water of the swimming pool dirty. Also, if the filter cartridge will be clogged, the circulation will be less – this will restrict the chemicals from getting distributed equally in water, giving the pool a cloudy appearance.

Question: Can I Replace the Filter Cartridges?

Answer: The life of a filter cartridge depends directly on the number of hours for which the pool is used and how the filter cartridge is cleaned and maintained. However, no matter how well the cartridge is maintained, it cannot last forever. If the cartridge stops working efficiently, it must be replaced. Out of the various Intex pool filters types available, choose a replacement cartridge that fits well into the original filter. To make the right choice, note down the specifications of the original filter and buy a replacement filter that complies by those specifications.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 4313: This replacement filter is a perfect choice for OEM # WM 3779, and Unicel C 4313.  The length of the cartridge is 3 ¾ inch and the width is 4 ¼ inch. The cartridge has an ability to handle a top load of 2.5 square foot. Also, the filter cartridge has 2 1/16 inch hole at the top and at the bottom.