Owner of a swimming pool needs to buy pool filters of good quality, and at the same time protect his or her pool from abnormal weather conditions. Following blog explains how you can protect your pool from heavy rains.

Pool Filters

A swimming pool owner needs to take every possible measure to make sure that his or her pool stays in best condition. Pool maintenance is not just about taking care of pool equipment but also protection of pool from certain unfavorable factors.

Harsh weather conditions are one of the natural factors that can adversely affect your swimming pool if ignored. You may buy pool filters of top quality, but that will not be enough for your pool to deal with such weather conditions.

After being exposed to heavy rain, your swimming pool may have to face some troubles. Following section explains some common problems with pools after heavy rains, and the appropriate solutions for them:

Excessive Water in Swimming Pool

To maintain a proper skimming action in your pool, lower the water level. This also helps to avoid flooding on deck area and prevents water contamination. Water level can be lowered by connecting filter valve to a garden. Another way is to use a pool vacuum hose. Fill the hose with water by priming it in the pool. Support the other end of hose with vacuum head or any other heavy object.

Pool Water Contaminants

After rain, several contaminants pollute pool water. There are two main sources for these contaminates. One is run-off and other is rain water itself.

Impurities from run off include leaves and particles of concrete which overflow into the pool after flooding. In worst case, pool water can get contaminated with large amounts of sand and other debris. You can use a leaf rake to remove this debris. Following this, clean the pool with a brush and run your pool filter. It is always better to use first-class pool filters such as those from Pleatco.

Rain water is actually distilled in nature, but it gets contaminated with dust particles and other pollutants while it falls through the air. It gets mixed up in pool water, thus adding impurities to it. These impurities can be removed only through effective filtration. When you buy cheap pool filter cartridges, make sure they are effective in trapping impurities in pool water.

Sometimes your filtration system may not work efficiently despite the use of quality cartridges. Cracks or leaks in pool filter may be responsible for such situations. It is better to replace faulty pool filter with a new one. You can consider filbur pool filter cartridge for this purpose.

Drainage Problems

When run-off from rain water enters the pool, it interferes with drainage system. This problem can be avoided by installing drain pipes in your pool, and using filter cartridges from reputed brands. Cheap pool filter cartridges may not necessarily be efficient enough.