Little care and proper maintenance can undoubtedly increase the life of a spa. Not only does a spa owner need to clean the spa, but also its components. One such important component is a spa filter. A filter keeps the water of the spa clean and free of all impurities. To keep the filters functioning in a proper manner, they need to be cleaned from time to time. Some of the recommended filters are Artesian Spa Filters, Dreammaker Spa filters, Caldera Spa filters and Dimension One Spa filters to name just a few. Let us have a look at some of the acts that need to be performed to keep the spa and the filter in a working condition for a long period of time.

Clean the filter

  • Cleaning the filter: It is very important to clean the filter from time to time and a series of steps need to be followed on this process. Use a filter flosser and a garden hose and scrap out all the dirt that is accumulated on the outside of the filter. Make sure you do not use too much pressure while cleaning the filter, else the debris will settle more into the filter. Another way of cleaning a filter is by soaking it overnight in a cleaning solution.
  • Replacing the filter: It is important to replace the filter once in every year. After a prolonged use of the filters, they stop functioning in the same manner as they used to when they were new. To keep the spa water clean, replacing the filter cartridges is a wise choice. Make sure you note down the specifications of your present filter cartridge, so that you can easily find a replacement filter cartridge.
  • Reducing the impurities: An efficient filter traps all the dirt and debris present in the spa water and helps in increasing the life of the spa. You can keep the spa covered when it is not being used – this will prevent debris and dirt from falling into the spa. Also, this will reduce the amount of water evaporation and you will not have to change the water frequently.
  • Function properly: Make sure that you do not run the spa if the filters have been removed for cleaning. This can damage the pump and can also cause bacteria and various microorganisms to grow. Always make sure that you turn off the motor before taking the filter out for cleaning.
  • Replacement of filter: Though it is best to replace the filter once in a year, if you find any leakage, a crack or any other damage in the filter, make sure you replace it intermediately. Using a damaged filter is just not right for your spa. To save your time and money, you can make a purchase from an online shopping store.

By maintaining your spa and its filter you can enjoy the benefits of your spa for a long period of time.