Apart from water filtration and circulation , a swimming pool also needs vacuuming on a regular basis. Here we explain the steps for vacuuming a pool along with some information on maintenance of pool filter cartridge.

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Swimming pool maintenance involves many tasks such as filter cleaning, filter cartridge replacement, servicing of pool pump and sanitation. Vacuuming is also one among these tasks. Besides using first-class equipment such as Hayward pool filter parts, a pool owner also needs to vacuum the pool regularly. Following are the major steps involved in vacuuming process:

  • Make sure the skimmers are clean and turn them off. Following this, connect the vacuum hose to vacuum head.
  • Before the adapter is placed in skimmer, hose needs to be flooded with water. This helps to avoid wastage of prime. In some skimmers, basket has to be removed before the hose is attached. The vacuum line may have some air trapped in it. It can be bled out by holding one of its ends over return port.
  • Starting vacuuming the pool according to the instructions specified by manufacturer. Move the vacuum head slowly and carefully. To make sure that all areas of the floor are cleaned, use a grid pattern.
  • Disconnect skimmer from hose. Then disassemble vacuuming equipment.

Cleaning and Replacing Filter Cartridge

For a pool filter cartridge to last long, proper maintenance is necessary. With continuous use of a pool filter, dirt gets accumulated on its cartridge. If left ignored, this accumulation of dirt can interfere with the filtration process, resulting in poor water quality. Following are some measures to avoid this situation:

  • Check pressure level in your filter regularly. Abnormal pressure indicates that the cartridge is clogged with debris, and needs to be cleaned.
  • Rinse the cartridge on a weekly basis. Dip it in a cleaning solution overnight and clean it with a brush, once in every two weeks. Make sure that filter and pump both are turned off before removing the cartridge from filtration unit.
  • Replace the cartridge if it is damaged or has been used for more than one year. Install a high-quality replacement cartridge in its place. Many pool owners choose Hayward pool filter cartridge for this purpose.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 7698 is an suitable choice for those looking for a high-quality replacement cartridge for swimming pool filter. 7 inches wide and 29 7/16 inches long, this cartridge features numerous pleats made up of sturdy material. Acting as a filtration media, these pleats trap dust particles, microbes and other debris in pool water, thus maintaining its cleanliness and clarity. Furthermore, this cartridge has two 3-inch open holes, one at the top and other at the bottom. Its technical specifications include Filbur# FC-1291 and OEM # CX1000RE.