Maintenance of a swimming pool or a spa is vital but in this process do you spend an exorbitant amount of money by calling an expert just to clean your spa or pool? If your head nods to a yes, then we might help you save a penny. This task can be accomplished easily at home, without the help of an expert. Yes that's true! We bring to you some simple ways by which you can take the best care of your spa at home.

  • Clean Filter: Installing a quality filter like Diamante spa filter is a great option but utmost importance should be taken of its care and regular maintenance. The cartridges in the pool filters need to be cleaned from time to time. If even after cleaning, the filter does not work efficiently, spa filter replacement is an alternative. A spa owner should keep in mind that filter should be cleaned at regular intervals, depending on the frequency at which it is used.

  • Clean Tub: A clean spa tub is appreciated by all. Make sure that your spa is free from stains and looks neat and clean. The floating residue can be removed by using a skimmer net or a vacuum. When you take a dip into the tub, sweat, body oil, dust, dirt and much more mix with the water and gets collected on the sides of the tube. Thus, make sure you wipe off the sides of the tub each time to clean the tub.

  • Disinfect The Spa: Disinfecting the spa is one thing that people generally forget to do. Dampness and a warm temperature are the best friends of bacteria, algae and germs. This causes health risks, thus is always advised to disinfect the home spa. The procedure is a simple one – all you need to do is mix a disinfectant with water and rinse the tube with this solution.

  • Proper Circulation and Filtration: A spa owner should ensure that the water is circulating properly and at the same time is being filtered in the best manner possible. Installing a quality filter like Diamante spa filter and parts like Diamante spa parts solves half of the worry. These products work in an efficient manner and keep the water fresh and clean.

By following these simple tips and by changing the water on a regular basis, you can keep your spa running for a long period of time.