One of the most important part of a swimming pool system is the pool filter. It keeps the pool water clear by collecting unwanted debris in it and disposing it off. You need to make sure that you give required attention to your filter, so that it operates with high efficiency. This way, you can also save time and money on the maintenance and repair of the pool filter.

Servicing Pool Filters

Pool filters are of three main types – sand filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, and cartridge filter. The maintenance routine for sand and DE filters is almost the same However, cartridge filters need to be maintained in a different manner. Any pool filter needs the right products to function properly. Jacuzzi Leisure pool filter products are considered to be best for this purpose. Due to the ease of installation, use and maintenance, cartridge filters are more commonly used than the other two types of pool filter.

Servicing Pool Filters

Servicing is necessary for the pool filter to stay in best working condition. Here is some information which will be useful while servicing cartridge pool filters.

With cartridge filters, manual cleaning is a must throughout the season. You can do this using the commercial cleaners. However, homemade cleaning solutions are comparatively better and less harmful.

Following are the major steps for cleaning the pool filter:

  • Take a sachet of cartridge cleaner and mix its contents in water as per the instructions given on the pack. Clean the cartridges with this solution and a soft-bristled brush.
  • Switch off the pool pump.
  • Read the owner's manual and remove the lid of the filter housing according to the instructions mentioned in it. Then remove the filter from the housing.
  • Spray the filter with a garden hose to remove any loose debris on it.
  • Place the filter in a bucket of water. Let it stay in water for at least an hour.
  • Remove the filter from the bucket and rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose until it is clean.
  • In case there is an accumulation of algae on pool filter, you need to clean it with a mixture of dilute hydroelectric acid and water.

Besides maintaining the pool filter, it is also necessary to choose reputed brands while you buy pool filter products