Jandy pool products do not go unnoticed when we talk about spa parts and accessories. One should never buy cheap pool filter cartridges, but as a matter of fact, no matter how high quality pool filters products you install, replacing the filter cartridges (when needed) and keeping the spa or swimming pool filter clean are two important tasks every pool owner must perform. However, both these task should be performed only when you have a proper understanding of how they Should be carried out. Here, let us have a look at how should you disassemble and assemble a filter element.



Disassembling and assembling the filter element of a Jandy spa filter

  • Turn the pump off and switch off the circuit breaker.
  • The filter tank comprises of an open air release which has to be opened next. Doing this will release all the pressure that is inside the system and the tank. Also, if the system contains any filter isolation valves, make sure you close them. Keeping these valves open might result in flooding.
  • Next, open the filter tank drain and once all the water gets drained out, close the drain.
  • Push the locking tab, turn it in a counterclockwise direction and remove the locking ring.
  • The next thing to be removed is the filter's top. Once done, check the tank o-ring and see if there is any damage. If there are no damages, clean the o-ring and if required replace the same.
  • The bottom of the tank contains the filter element. Remove it and see whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced and do the needful.
  • Once you have bought a new filter element or have cleaned the filter element, place it back into the tank bottom.
  • Next, make use of a lubricant and apply it on the o-ring and then place the o-ring to its original place.
  • Carefully place the tank top on the tank bottom and make sure that while doing so, the halves of the tank are positioned properly.
  • Lastly, close the locking ring tightly.

When there is a need to disassemble and assemble the filter element, make sure you follow the above mentioned points, so that you can carry out the task with ease.