Once you own a swimming pool, the next step that you take is to install high quality products and accessories to keep the pool functioning for a long period of time. Hayward pool products is one of the trusted and popular names in the market. Various Hayward products have been designed to keep the pool crystal clear. Each product has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the users. Moreover, every product ensures the best performance and keeps the water of the swimming pool free from all impurities. Let us have a look at a few such products from Hayward.

  • Pumps for pools: Pump pools are one of the popular accessories from Hayward. The wide range of pool pumps available are ideal for both in ground and above ground pools. Some of the well known and trusted designs in this range include Super pump, NorthStar, TriStar Energy Solution, Super II, Max-Flo and TriStar Waterfall. Another popular product from the company is the Booster pump. All the pumps have been designed carefully and aim at delivering the best performance. They can work efficiently even in a salty environment and can hold up to the unpleasant weather conditions. Extremely easy to operate, every pump contributes extensively in saving the consumption of power.
  • Hayward pool filters: Among the various pool filter products available in the market, Hayward is a reliable name and is chosen by a large number of pool owners. All three kinds of pool filters, namely, sand, cartridge and DE filters are available under the brand. A sand filter has the capability of efficiently removing dirty particles that are as minute as 20 - 40 microns from the pool water. The cartridge filters leave the water crystal clear as they can easily trap impurities as minute as 10-15 microns. Also, cartridge filters can be run at a low pressure easily. Talking about DE filters, they are one of the best selections one can make as they have the efficiency to catch hold of particles as small as two to five microns. Every Hayward pool filter can provide excellent result for years if maintained in the right manner.
  • Cleaners for pool: Pool cleaners are extremely easy to maintain and can be installed quickly. Three varieties of pool cleaners are available in Hayward, they are, pressure, suction and robotic pool cleaners.

Hayward accessories are durable, deliver high-end performance and are available at economical prices.