A Glance at the Top 3 Arctic Spa Replacement Filters

Replacing the filter cartridge of a spa filter is as necessary as cleaning the spa filter from time to time. Every spa owner must choose high-quality spa products, so that the spa works for a long period of time. Many people do not understand the importance of opting for spa replacement filter cartridges. If you too are one of those people, let us understand the importance of replacement cartridges.

When the filter cartridges gets clogged with dirt, the filters are backwashed and all the dirt and debris is cleaned from the cartridge. Once the filter cartridges are cleaned, the spa water becomes clean and clear. However, if the water of the spa remains dirty even backwashing the filter, this means that your spa filter is not functioning in an efficient manner and you must replace your filter cartridge. One of the noted products available in the market is Arctic Spa filter replacement  cartridges. These cartridges have specifications similar to that of Pleatco, Filbur and Unicel products. Let us have a look at the top 3 Arctic Spa replacement filters:

  • Unicel C-4326: With an ability of handling a top load of 25 sq ft., this replacement filter cartridge is a perfect replacement for Pleatco # PRB-25IN, Unicel C 4326, OEM # C4326 and Filbur # FC-2375. The top and the bottom of the filter cartridge consists of two holes, each measuring 2 1/8 inch. This replacement cartridge traps all the impurities present in the water of the spa and cleans the water of the spa in the best possible manner.
  • Unicel C 4310: This replacement filter cartridge has the specifications of Pleatco # PWW10, Unicel # C-4310, OEM # 378900 and Filbur # FC-3077. The length of the filter cartridge is 4 inch and the width of the cartridge is 4 ¼ inch. You can find 2 1/16 inch holes on both the top and bottom of the filter cartridge. Installing and cleaning this replacement filter cartridge is extremely easy.
  • Unicel C 4950: This replacement filter cartridge complies by the technical specifications of Pleatco # PRB-50-IN, Unicel # C-4950, OEM # C4950 and Filbur # FC-2390. Easy to handle, this filter cartridge has the capacity to handle a top load of 50 sq ft.