Every spa owner knows that the filter of the spa needs to replaced after a certain period of time so that the water of the spa remains crystal clear. If you do not want to put in money in replacing your entire filter, you can investing in spa replacement filter cartridges that can help you in saving a huge amount of money.

replacement filter cartridge

Cleaning and caring for the filter cartridges is extremely important as these filter cartridges trap all the impurities present in the water of the spa. However, even after cleaning the filter cartridges, they need to be replaced after a prolonged use. The two spa replacement parts that are easily available are the filter cartridges and filters. The filter cartridges must be replaced once in a year and the filter must be replaced once in 3-5 years.

Factors that indicate the replacement of filter cartridges

  • If the pleats of the cartridges start to flatten
  • If the filter cartridge has broken bands
  • If the end caps of the filter cartridges get cracked
  • If the material of the cartridge looks worn out
  • If the pressure gauge reads 10-12 psi above the original pressure

Factors that indicate the replacement of filter

  • If the filter has cracked from the top or bottom
  • If the elements of the filter start falling apart
  • If you clean the filter and the filter changes its color to brown, green, gray or dark yellow
  • If the pleat of the filter loses its shine

More about spa filters
The spa filters and parts you install must always be of high quality. These spa parts are easy to maintain and also easy to replace. Gatsby spas parts are a great choice for spa owners as they are durable and highly reliable.

Sometimes the filters remain clogged even after being back washed. Your filter cartridges might be visually clean, but might be severely clogged from inside. To get rid of this, you can soak the cartridges overnight in a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution removes all the oil and dirt that gets accumulated on the filter cartridges.

Keeping two sets of filter cartridges is a great decision. While cleaning one pair of cartridges, you can use the second one.