Looking for a high-quality filtering product that can provide complete cleanliness of your swimming pool and spa? Make sure you check out the extensive range of Sta rite pool filters that assure water purification needs to be met in the most effective manner. Once you have made a choice from the extensive display of Sta rite replacement filter cartridges and pool filters, you can be rest assured that all worms, debris and infection causing bacteria inside your spa and pool will be removed to make it safe for swimmers.

Sta Rite Pool Filters

Unicel C 4610 - This Star Rite pool filter boasts the technical specifications as Unicel # C-4610, Pleatco # PSR15-4, Filbur # FC-2510 and OEM # C4610. It is 9 ¾ inch long and 4 ½ inch wide and hence works as a best fit for Sta-Rite TX-15. The use of durable and good quality materials make it a good choice for swimming pools and spas.

FG-1005 – It is a superior Sta rite replacement filter cartridge with high-performance capacity. The technical specifications of this product are same as Filbur# FC-9350, Pleatco # No, Unicel # FG-1005, and OEM # DEX6000DA (full grid). It is 30" in length and 11" wide, providing clear water solutions for spas and pools.

FG-1006 – This good quality Sta rite replacement filter cartridge matches the technical specifications of Filbur# FC-9360, Pleatco # No, Unicel # FG-1006, and OEM # DEX7200DA (full grid). It is 36" in length and 11" wide and designed to bear huge capacity.

FG-3005 - It is a high performance Sta rite pool filter cartridge with technical specification matching as that of Unicel # FG-3005 and OEM # 23900-0031. It is made from durable quality materials and works effectively to keep the swimming pool water and spas purified and clean from debris and germs.

FG-3008 - If you are in need of a superiorly built, high performance offering Sta rite pool filter that have as good technical specifications as Unicel # FG-3008 and OEM # 23900-0141 then opt for this product. It is brilliant filtering equipment with length spanning 18" in and width of 8 5/16" inches.

FG-3009 – This Sta-Rite System 3 Model S7D75 (center port) filter is equipped to make spas and pools free of worms, debris and dust particles. It is built to provide high performance and has technical specification Unicel # FG-3009, and OEM # 23900-1173. Trust this product to effectively match all the swimming pool purification needs of yours.

FG-3011 – Sta-Rite System 3 Model S8D110 filter is 18" in length and 11" wide. It has filtering system made of quality materials to ensure that germs, dust and chemicals in the swimming pool and spas are thoroughly cleaned to make them fit for swimmers.

FG-3912 – Get this product which is 18" in length and 12 7/16" wide to protect your swimming pool from worms and make them look sparkling clean.

FG-3013 – Sta Rite pool filter is designed to give a high performance for cleaning swimming pools and spas. It matches the technical specification Unicel # FG-3013 and OEM # 23900-0052.

FG-3913 – This high-performance and superior quality material made product is 18" in length and 13 3/4" wide. Get your pool water purified and hygiene maintained through its regular use.