If you are using Pool Filter Cartridge then its performance as well its longevity depends upon you. It is only through proper care and maintenance that your heavyweight Polyester filter cartridge elements will show maximum performance and ensure its durability. Have a glimpse at some of the useful hints to help you get the most out of your pool filter.

An increase in pressure within the cartridge’s housing or a noticeable decrease in the system’s water flow rate is a clear indication of a “dirty” filter cartridge which requires cleaning. Usually, a pump functions efficiently at a pressure range of 8-10 psi. However, whenever pressure gauge indicates a pressure greater than 10 psi which is indeed higher than the normal operating pressure, then your cartridge filter requires cleaning.

The coarse dirt and debris that gets accumulated on the cartridge could be removed by pressure washing inside by making use of a garden hose. It is easier to clean off the fine particles of dirt and impurities when the cartridge is dry. So, after hosing off the cartridge, allow it to dry in direct sunlight. You can then brush off the dirt slowly. However, avoid scrubbing the pleated surface as the dirt will get pressed deeply inside the pores.

While dust and other debris could be removed by hosing off, other impurities like algae, body oil, and sunscreen cannot be removed through this process. In fact, these contaminants form a coating on the filter pleats which cannot be removed by simply hosing off. Therefore, cartridge filters should be dipped in a solution of filter element cleaner to remove algae and oils from the filter media.

However, investing in a spare “stand-by” filter cartridge could be great help as it could serve as a great back-up support. We at www.poolfilters.biz are specialized providers of cartridge pool filters of leading brands. Pool products offered by us not just offer high level of performance, but also require minimal maintenance and have high affordability.