It is mind-boggling to learn that Jacuzzi - a leading producer of pool products, manufactures three categories of pool filters. They range from the jacuzzi sand filters, the DE filters and the cartridge filters. So, whichever of these jacuzzi pool filters you may be opting, you should always learn the methods involved in cleaning them. There is a huge difference in the cleaning processes of all these filters.

If you are using a sand filter make sure that you frequently backwash the deposited dirt and also keep changing the sand whenever it gets saturated. But it is also true that such filters are not much preferred, nowadays, for they are quite old fashioned. The other forms that are more adorable ones are pool products with DE filters and cartridges. The website gives details of cartridge filters. When it comes to cleaning a DE jacuzzi pool filter it is rather easy. Just make use of the backwash valve so as to reverse the flow of water in the filter. This process will automatically wash the DE that is dirty. Having done so, the grids need to be recoated again with DE. This is done by pouring the slurry via the skimmer. While cleaning this pool filter, be cautious, as the fine white powder and the dirty water can make things messy.  However, using pool products that make use of only cartridges make things easier when it comes to cleaning. This is because you just need to bring out the filter and clean the dirt manually. So, cleaning becomes much easier and less cumbersome.