GPM Calculator

We have shown that the oversized pool pumps we have been talking about are more harmful than good.  You can keep a proper size pool pump running for more hours which will furnish a cleaner pool as opposed to an oversized pool pump that requires too much energy to allow running for the same amount of time of a correct sized pool pump.

So how to get the ultimate efficiency from your pool pump without empting your wallet. Let’s look at the following example to calculate what your needs are from a pool pump to achieve the above mentioned goals.

1. The amount of water in your pool (pool volume) we need to think of is the pool volume times 2 (in a 24 hour period how many gallons of water that needs to be changed over)  For example if your pool holds 15,000 gallons it needs to circulate 15,000 more gallons (total of 30,000) in a 24 hour time frame.  Now since GBM (gallons per minute) are how the pump specs are measured we need to do some math.

2. You take the volume of the pool which is 30,000 gallons of water, divide by 24 (hours in a day) and that equals 1,250 gallons an hour.  You then take 1,250 and divide by 60 which comes to 20.8 GMP.  So we have shown that 20GPM what your pool pump needs to be circulating.

Since normally in a 24 hour period the pool pump only is operating about 8 hours that would mean that for 16 hours a day the water is not circulating.  It is during the time it isn’t circulating that most of the negative things happen to your pool.

A few of the things that happen during the non-circulating time are:

· The pool becomes contaminated with algae

· Debris and dust particles accumulate

· The pH in the pool becomes unbalanced

To assist in keeping an effective and easy maintenance routine and save you money it is better to operate the pool pump for 24hrs a day.  Since your pump is working all day and night you do not have to keep watching for the moment the water quality has fallen below standards.

I would imagine, the 2HP pool pump that you purchased, now doesn’t seem like the bargain that you thought it was, knowing the specific needs of the pool pump.

What is important when buying pool equipment is not the amount of money you first spend, but what it costs to operate over a period of time.