Frequently Asked Questions

Various question cross our mind about the maintenance of the spa once we own it. Let us have a look at the frequently asked questions.

Q. How should the spa be cleaned?

A. Many spa owners make the mistake of cleaning the spa with household cleaners. These cleaners are perfect for cleaning objects around your house, but they can be hazardous for your spa. Once the spa is cleaned with these household cleaners, the pH value of the water gets altered and usually foaming of water takes place. It is advisable to use the cleaners that are specified for your spa.

Q. How often Should the Spa be Drained?

A. The number of times a spa should be cleaned depends on its usage. Also, the facility of sanitizing provided in the pool is one of the factors that determines the number of times the spa should be drained. A well-maintained spa having clean water should be drained once in every 2-4 months. It is important to drain the spa as the solid particles accumulate thus making purification difficult.

Q. At what intervals Should the Filter Cartridges be Cleaned?

A. Filters play an extremely important role in keeping the water of the spa purified. The filter cartridge should be cleaned once in a week. Apart from the debris; hair, pieces of soap, dust, bugs and various other unwanted particles get clogged in the cartridge. Regular cleaning of the cartridges keeps the filter in good form. Also, if you feel that the cartridge needs to be replaced, it should be done on a priority basis. If you are confused about which cartridge is best suited, Aquiform- Infinity spas filter cartridges can be a great option for you.

Q. Can Car Wax be Used on the Spa Shell?

A. This surely is an innovative idea, but not all a good idea. Automotive waxes do not work well in conditions of hot water. Use of products that are meant only for thermoplastic or acrylic spas should be used.

Q. There are some Dark Stains on My Plastic Spa Fittings. What are These and How Can They be Removed?

A. The metal compounds found in the water leave stains on the fittings that are made of plastic. These stains appear to be dark but they can easily be removed with the help of spa stain remover. Make sure you use a stain remover on a regular basis to avoid these stains.

Q. The Water of the Spa Does Not Heat Correctly. What is the Reason for this?

A. If you feel that the water of your spa is not being heated correctly, you should instantly check the filter. A clogged filter can be the reason for not heating the spa correctly. Check for factors like thermostat, pressure and flow switch. If none of these are defective. The cartridge might need a replacement. Aquiform- Infinity spa filter cartridge are a reliable name when it comes to cartridge replacement.