If relaxing in your hot tub is one of your favorite pastimes, you must ensure that you keep in mind the cleanliness of your hot tub, so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long span of time. Most spa owners install a high quality spa like Sundance Spas, but do not take much pain to clean and maintain it. This firstly deteriorates the life of the spa and secondly creates a hurdle in the enjoyment. Thus, it is extremely important for a spa owner to pay attention to the spa and its parts. Let us have a look at them.

caring for spa hot tub

Installing a high quality filter
The first thing that must be kept in mind by every spa owner is that they should install a high quality filter along with the spa. Sundance Spa filters are well known for the top-notch performance they deliver. Also, they are reliable and durable, hence work efficiently for a long span of time.

Monitoring the spa
Installing a filter is important, but that does not mean that you can sit back and relax once this is done. Always monitor your spa and keep a check on the water of the spa. Frequently checking the water of pool will let you know when you need to clean the filter cartridges. This will keep the water of your spa clean and also increase the life of your cartridges.

Cleaning the filter
If you are not cleaning your filter cartridges at regular intervals, you are making one major mistake. Make sure you clean the cartridges using a garden hose once in a week and deep clean the cartridges once in every two-three months. This will keep the spa water clean and allow the user to use the spa conveniently. Cleaning the cartridges is a hassle for many spa owners, but if you have installed Sundance Spas filter cartridges, you can relax as these cartridges can be cleaned very easily.

Replacing the filter cartridges
If your spa water remains dirty even after you have cleaned the filter cartridges, make sure you replace your filter cartridges. If you too are looking for replacement filter cartridges, you can opt for Sundance Spas replacement filter cartridges, as they are durable and reliable.