Owning a pool is definitely now a common thing for most western households. Relaxing in a hot tub during a nice summer evening or relaxing in your indoor Jacuzzi, is now pretty common across many countries. At the same time, exercising in a health club swimming pool, diving in for a few lazy laps or practicing for an upcoming competition is also common in public swimming pools. One thing is common and agreeable to al - it is a great feeling to be in the water. But the water needs to be clean, sanitized, and free of germs and debris!

Most of the pool owners know the different types of filters available to clean and maintain their pool and the water - Sand, DE and Cartridge. But did you know that all these 3 types can either be above the ground or below the ground. Well, it is largely said that above the ground filtration system is better than below the ground is it really true and is it suitable for all types?

Well, the first and the foremost difference is in the big price difference between the two methods (usually, above the ground is costlier). There are other differences between the two types, mainly in the form of the overall plumbing, installation and maintenance factors of the filtration system. They also differ majorly in size, flow of water, cleaning abilities and plumbing utility.

So, it is highly advised to consider experts and talk to as many people as possible before you actually decide on the type of pool filter. For more details, visit pool filters and browse through many trusted brands and types of pool filters, cartridges etc.