Every pool or spa owner understands the importance of  installing a pool filter in his swimming pool or spa and makes an effort to install high-quality filter to keep the water fresh and clean. Viking pool products are loved by one and all due to their top-notch performance, durability and reliability. Viking spas filters are easy to maintain and also, after a prolonged use, the spa filter cartridges can be easily replaced. Lets us have a look at how the Viking spa and various other pool filters function and deliver excellent results:

How The Filter Works

The main work of the filter is to keep the spa or pool water free of impurities. When the water runs through the filter, the impurities present in the water get trapped in the filter cartridges. Not only big particles, but even minute impurities like soap pieces, hair, debris and leaves get trapped easily. To keep the filter functioning for a long period of time, it is important to keep the filter clean. The filter can be cleaned by back washing or can be soaked in water solution and rinsed off.

How Cartridges Work

High-quality filter cartridges are made of mesh material. These materials efficiently catches hold of the impurities and forecloses their circulation in the water. The popular cartridges are made of ceramics or polyester and resemble a round cylinder that has a hole in the middle. Each brand and model has a specific size and specifications. However, while replacing the filter, it is not necessary to purchase the cartridge of the same brand – various replacement filter cartridges that can be compatible with your filter are available in the market.

Filters That Ban the Growth of Microorganisms: When the water of the swimming pool or filter is left undisturbed for a long period of time, it becomes a dwelling place for the microorganisms. This can result in algae, stains and odor. To prevent the microorganisms from thriving, there is an availability of special filters known as anitimicrobial or microban filters. These filters are made of polyester or synthetic blends.

Use of Flossers: Just when you thought that it's time to replace the filter, chances are that you might only need to clean it. This is where the use of filter flosser can be made the most. The garden hoses have flossers attached to them which when sprayed strongly can clean and rinse off the debris in the filter.