The right filter grid for D.E. filters makes cleaning more effective and energy efficient. Make the best choice for your filter.

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Clean water is a prerequisite for a refreshing swim. Every pool owner and swimmer wishes for healthy and hygienic water that is enjoyable and rejuvenating. This can easily be achieved by a D.E. filter. Diatomaceous Earth filters, or D.E. filters as they better known, are the most effective type of pool filtration system invented by man. They clean up grime and debris which is as small as 2 microns. This incredible level of filtration is achieved with the help of a porous Polypropylene cloth and superb technology. D.E. filters are capable of clearing the water of any type of impurities, from dry leaves, hair, oils and lotions to dust, sand, worms and even microorganisms. The result is extremely clean and healthy water that is very refreshing and rejuvenating. D.E. filters are easy t clean too, and cleaned in a fashion similar to sand filters, i.e. backwashing.

Diatomaceous Earth is actually a permeable and porous powder which has microscopic endings, which on magnification look like sponges. These sponges trap anything that is bigger than 2 or 5 microns in size, and allow only clean water to pass through them. This leaves only clean water in the swimming pool. D.E. filters contain internal elements that get covered with the powder. It is this mechanism that cleans away the dirt, dust, sand, hair, oils, lotions, worms and other impurities from the water. The cleaning process of D.E. filters is same as sand filters. When D.E. filters become clogged and dirty, they are cleaned either by a thorough backwashing, or regenerating or draining the clogged powder altogether. To start filtering again, a fresh D.E. is put in the filter again. The cleaning capacity and efficiency of D.E. filters is truly unmatched.


Pool Filter, inc grids are designed exclusively for D.E. filters and are used specifically for the efficient cleaning in the D.E. filters. Choosing a superior grid is imperative, because a good filter grid for your filter would provide the most effective and energy-efficient cleaning of the swimming pool water. High-quality grid filters are made of 100% Polypropylene cloth for immense durability and robustness. Polypropylene is not only chemical-resistant, it is also resistant to rot and contamination, thus automatically making it he best choice for your D.E filter. Polypropylene is a material that has been used in the pool filter industry for over fifty years now, which is testimony to its extreme performance and durability. High-quality Propylene is marked by good yarn construction, effective weave pattern and immaculate finishing, making it attain its trademark permeable and efficient. They also have a reinforced centre core for durability. The seams of a good Polypropylene cloth are stitched with the strongest and the most chemical-resistant strings and are welded in a sonic manner to remove the risk of fraying. Choosing good grid filters for your D.E. filters is certain to make the filter perform in an effective manner, ensuring that the cleaning is also be very cost-effective and energy-efficient. This proves to be very effective and economical in the long run.