Spa and hot tubs cleaning no longer remains a concern with the installation of cartridge filters. The filtering medium of the system acts as an anti-microbial, anti-mineral and anti-impurity filtering material that opens the scope of more water flow through the filtering material and clogging of dirt and impurities suspended on the water surface.

Installation of Hot Spring Spas filter Cartridges or Leisure Bay Spas filter makes it easier for spa users to achieve better filtration and receive stronger jets of water. The filtering system improves energy efficiency and the spas can be used on a continuous basis without the need to undergo cleaning. As the efficiency improves, the reliability on Spa and hot tubs also increases. The free flow core technology makes it possible for more water to pass through the sieves of cartridges leaving all impurities behind on its surface.

Hence, bacteria-free, pristine and healthy spa water is ensured by the use of such filters. Whenever the filters get clogged there is immense scope for people to get it properly cleaned with much ease. The cartridge just needs rinsing in muriatic acids and then washed with water. This relieves all impurities and the filtering medium then can be reused again. There is also the option to get the cartridges replaced with replacement filters parts made available.

With the introduction of cartridge filtering systems, the cleaning process has been simplified and Spa-activity has become much more effective than it used to be previously. Now, there is undoubtedly more reliance on the cartridge filtering medium.