When the maintenance of the pool comes into picture, pool filters have an indispensable role to play. They help individuals in enjoying a sanitized and clean pool environment. The fresh water of the pool is inviting, but if the pool is dirty would you like to get into it? Certainly not! Hence it is always important to install top quality pool purifiers to evade all sorts of germs, dirt, dust and debris and keep the pool absolutely fit for use.

After installing the unit, it is essential to take extreme care of it. Pool owners have to make sure that the purifiers are well maintained for their better functioning. This can be done by keeping it soaked overnight in a cleaning solution or hosing off the purifier with a garden hose to get rid of all contaminants and pollutants. Despite of all the care you take, it is obvious that the filter would definitely worn out. Replacing the filter is one great way to upkeep the quality of the swimming pool.

Jacuzzi Filters

Now, if you are willing to replace your worn filter, look no other than Filbur as it is designed with the highest and strongest quality materials that provide unmatched reliability and efficiency. Here in this write up we have described some of the models of Filbur pool filters.

Filbur FC 1275 Replacement Filter Cartridges: This is a superior quality replacement filter cartridge. It is 7 inch wide and 25 ½ inch long and has 3 inch open holes lying at the top and bottom. It is efficient in handling the top load of 112 sq ft and is appropriate for SwimClear C4520 and Hayward Super-Star-Clear C4500. It is made with high quality materials and installing this unit is super easy and simple.

Filbur FC 1930: It is the best filter cartridge that offers germ, dust and pollutant free pool. It is suitable for Pentair pool products, Wet Institute and Pentair Pool Products-Pac Fab Re and it is capable of handling the top load of 60 sq ft. Replacing this filter cartridge is hassle free.

Filbur FC 2550: This state-of -the- art technology is manufactured using the best quality materials that maintain the cleanliness of the pools and spas. Its high performance can handle top load of 102 sq ft.

Filbur FC 1972: With an ability to handle the top load of 120 sq ft, this high quality product matches your needs and maintains the sanitization of the pool. It provides complete protection from the harmful pollutants and contaminants.

So, pick up the one as per your requirements and ensure a germ free pool environment.