Pool Filters are considered to be indispensable aspect of pool upkeep and maintenance. For enjoying a clean and sanitized pool environment, it is essential that you install high-end superior quality pool filters as a good quality pool filter functions to remove all sorts of dirt and contaminants from the pool water making it absolutely fit for use.

In order to ensure years of hassle-free performance from your pool filter, proper care and maintenance should be ensured. Your pool filter maintenance regime includes hosing off the filter with the help of a garden hose or keeping it soaked overnight in a filter cleaning solution so that all sorts of contaminants are got rid of.

But one thing that you require understanding is that even after ensuring regular care and maintenance, your pool filter is sure to get worn out after a certain period of time. Replacing your worn out filter with a new one is a better alternative as a worn out filter puts undue pressure on the pool pump and other parts resulting in their breakdown.

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So, if you are considering replacing your pool filter then pool filter from Filbur is the ideal option. Have a quick look at some of the Filbur pool filter models.

Filbur FC 2375 - Replacement Filter Cartridge – With an ability to handle top load of 25 sqft, this superior quality filter cartridge are perfect fit for your Rainbow, Waterway Plastics, Custom Mold, California cooperage, Pentair Pool Products-Rainbow Pl, Rec Warehouse, Moonwater Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, River Valley Spas, and many others.

Filbur # FC-3053 - Capable of handling top load of 50 sq ft, this filter cartridge is best fit for Vita Spa, DM Industries, and Pleatco and ensures clean and sanitized water for your pool and spas.

Filbur # FC-1292 - With an ability to bear the top load of 90 sq ft this filter cartridge is best fit for Hayward Star-Clear Plus C900, 8Sta-Rite PXC-95, Waterway Plastics. Easy to install, this filter cartridge provides you clean and clear water for your pool and spas.

* Filbur # FC-1294 - Capable of handling the top load of 175 sq ft, this filter cartridge is most suitable for Hayward Star-Clear Plus C1750, Waterway Plastics. Very easy to install, this replacement filter cartridge is made up of superior quality materials.

Filbur # FC-0810 - Handling the top load of 115 sq ft, this filter cartridge is best fit for Jandy CL460 CV460 and provides complete protection from germs, worms, dust, sand etc. that might contaminate your pool or spa.

So, make your choice from the aforementioned Filbur pool filter models depending upon your pool/ spa type and size.