We all love our spas for the amazing experience it offers. The feeling after taking a dip in a hot tub certainly can't be expressed in words. Along with the joy, there are several therapeutic advantages to be had by using a spa. One of the best means for enjoyment and relaxation, a spa can also help cure troubles such as body pain, induce better sleep and regulate blood pressure. As a matter of fact, all these good things come at a cost – you need to follow a regular maintenance routine for each and every part of your spa, particularly the crucial ones such as the filtration system and circulation system.

Spa Filter CartridgeNeedless to say, any issue regarding water filtration in your spa points directly to your spa filter. In other words, the better one's choice of spa filters is, the more efficient will be the quality of filtration in his/her spa, which is why a lot of spa owners go for Artesian spa filters. Manufactured meticulously with first-grade materials, these filters are known to possess a high level of sturdiness and efficiency. Furthermore, the brand offers all types of spa filters, thus taking care of every spa owner's tastes and preferences. While some people choose cartridge filters, some others go for sand filters or DE filters.

Majority of spa owners today, however, prefer cartridge filters over other types of filters owing to their natural tendency of reducing the amount of work that needs to be done in order to take care of these filters. One just needs to backwash and deep-clean the cartridges of these filters on a regular basis, to ensure that they effectively trap the impurities in spa water. Once in a year, you also need to replace the cartridge. There are certain signs you should look for before making the replacement, such as:

  • The cartridge needs deep-cleaning and backwashing more often than usual.
  • There are cracks or tears on the cartridge.
  • Surface area of the pleats on the cartridge has significantly reduced.

The choice of replacement cartridge needs to be as good as that of the filter. Artesian spa replacement cartridge filters, for instance, are highly robust and easy to maintain.

Recommended Product:

Unicel 6CH-26

Speaking of high-quality spa filter replacement cartridges, experts never fail to mention Unicel 6CH-26. Complying with technical specifications Filbur# FC-0310, OEM # 6CH26 and Pleatco # PTL25W-SV-P-4, this cartridge suits American spas, Artesian spas JEM spas as well as Thermo spas. 7 inches long and 6 inches wide, this cartridge features a 1.5 MPT at the bottom. Its efficient filter media enable it to effectively trap all the impurities in spa water.