Features to Look for in a Pool or Spa Filter Cartridge

Every pool and spa owner knows the importance of installing a pool/spa filter, but it is not enough to only install a filter. The operation of the filter must be checked from time to time and it must be ensured that it is working in an efficient manner – only then can you be satisfied that the water of your pool/spa will remain crystal clear. Moreover, when you choose spa/swimming pool cartridges, there are a few features that must be kept in mind; only then will you be able to pick a quality pool filter product. Let us have a look at those features.

  • Center core of the filter cartridge: The center of the filter cartridge is one of the most important aspects that should be considered. This part of the pool filter cartridges enables the pool filter to breathe. Also, this part is responsible for loading the filtration fabric fully. An ideal pool cartridge should have an open-styled pattern. Make sure it does not have a drilled pattern. The open-styled cartridge can breather better, thus allowing the water of the spa/pool to flow easily. This in return, saves energy and allows the media to load completely.

  • Antimicrobial end caps: This is the second important aspect of a filter cartridge. These caps are firm and situated on the ends of the filter cartridge. An ideal cartridge comprises of rigid and firm end caps which ensure that the cartridge will not break easily. Moreover, these end caps must be antimicrobial which means they can easily survive in the harsh water conditions.

  • Superbond band: Last but not the least, is the superbond band that is tough and is situated on the outside of the pool filter cartridges. The main work of this band is to hold the placement of the material of the pool cartridge. This allows the debris to easily pass through the pleats, which then gets trapped and leave the water crystal clear.

Make sure that while choosing a filter cartridge for your spa/pool, you keep the above mentioned areas in mind. Also, do not go for cheap pool filters; instead choose quality filter cartridges. For example, if you have Aber Hot Tubs, choose Aber Hot Tub filters. Choose wisely and enjoy a refreshing dip in your pool or spa!