One of the major concerns of a pool owner is which pool filter will be the best for their swimming pool. Choosing a pool filter of high quality is of utmost importance and one such reliable name in the market is Hayward pool filter. Today we shall talk about Hayward sand filters, which are one of the most effective pool filters available in the market. These filters are not the cheapest available in the market, but can be availed at low price when online shopping sites offer pool filter discounts. Let us have a look at the features that make Hayward sand filters a preferable choice for every pool owner.

Features vs Benefits How to Sell Core Sales Principle

  • Traps minute impurities: Hayward lays emphasis on the needs of the pool owner and designs the filter in such a manner that it can trap minute impurities and keep the pool water crystal clear. Hayward pool filter cartridges trap impurities as minute as 40 microns and keep the water clear in all seasons.
  • Compatible: Hayward sand filters are compatible with pools of all kinds, big or small, indoor pool or outdoor pool. No matter what the size and shape of the pool is, Hayward pool filters deliver excellent results in each one of them. The filter delivers high performance and keeps the water of the pool clear.
  • Self-cleaning: Many pool filters become less efficient after a prolonged use. Hayward filters have a unique self-cleaning feature which keeps the filter clear of debris and dirt and allows it to work for a long period of time. Since the filter performs the act of self-cleaning, the dirt does not get clogged into the cartridge.
  • Durable material: It is very important for a filter to be made of durable material. These filters are made of high material and function for a long period of time. The material used in the manufacturing of Hayward pool filters is damage proof and does not corrode under water.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Maintenance of pool filters is a major issue for many pool owners. Here comes a good news for all pool owners as these filters are extremely easy to install and also can be cleaned easily. You do not need the help of a professional to install the filter and when it comes to cleaning the filter, they can simply be backwashed.

The above mentioned features of Hayward pool filters, make these filters a desirable product.