Facts You Should Know About Spa Filtration

Spa owners more often than not are unaware about the basics of spa filtration and get confused by terms like hardness, alkalinity and many more. On the contrary, swimming spa filtration is really easy to understand as well as achieve.

The process of filtration should ideally start from water sanitization. Water sanitization not only refers to getting rid of microbes and contaminants but is also about balancing the pH scale of water. The water used for domestic purposes may have high-level acidity or alkalinity. If water has high levels of alkalinity then it can hinder with vital functions of our body such as digestion and on the other hand, water with high acidic content can harm our spa as well as our body organs such as eyes and skin. pH level of water can be balanced using chemicals like Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Carbonate.

Apart from balancing the pH scale, it is also important to ensure that there are no contaminants present in the water. Water is mainly contaminated by dust and debris and swimmers themselves are the main source of contaminants. To get rid of these contaminants, one can use chlorine which also prevents the formation of algae. To prevent algae production, it is also necessary to get rid of phosphate in water. The presence of calcium which is commonly known as water hardness should also be checked constantly as it may corrode your spa parts. Know more how to maintain pool water?

A spa filter is necessary as well as most important for optimum hygiene. There are various types of filters available and if one is looking for effective filtration along with ease of maintenance then a cartridge filter is advisable. Caldera spa filters are popular among the masses and it is advisable to go for them.

Cartridge filters are easy to maintain and clean.  A filter cartridge should ideally be cleaned if one notices a sudden drop in the filter pressure. Just follow three easy steps for cleaning a cartridge filter-

  • Turn off the pump before cleaning your filter.
  • Take off the filter head.
  • Rinse your filter thoroughly with a garden hose but don’t put too much pressure as that may cause the dirt particles to settle in permanently.

This procedure should be carried out fortnightly while after every three months, the cartridge should be soaked in a non-foaming solution and scrubbed lightly with a brush. If there is still an irregular filter pressure then you should consider replacing it – Caldera spa replacement cartridge filters are also available for this purpose.