Can a spa or Pool filter cartridge replacement last longer? Why yes it can! Owning a pool or spa comes with a lot of responsibility but there is something you can do to lighten the load. Most cartridges like Jacuzzi pool filter cartridge replacement need to be replaced once per year depending on load and water turbidity. If checked properly and given a little attention from time to time; the filter cartridge can last longer and keep your pool in a spic and span condition.

Follow these simple steps to extend the life of your filter cartridge:

  • Keep the skimmer working and manually remove visible debris before it gets to the filter. This is a preventable and unnecessary load on the filter that will reduce the time till the next cleaning or replacement.
  • Limit oil introduction to pool or spa water which turns into scum and gums up the filter. This is the hardest thing to clean from a filter cartridge and can tremendously increase time between cleanings and therefore extend the filters’ life. Since oil aversion is nearly impossible, anyone looking to extend filter life or with scum problems should try a Baleen Scum Magnet which is washable and re-usable. Float 1 or 2 in the skimmer to prevent scum from making it to the filter.
  • Get a pre-filter. A Pre-filter will make water easier to balance and it prevents staining and most contaminants from ever making it into the pool or spa and therefore needing to be filtered out or cleaned. The best pre-filter available is Baleen Turbo Ion Exchange Pre-Filter which will bind with harmful metals to permanently remove them (removes scale, calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper, and other heavy metals and organics that cause bad odor), reduces demand on sanitizer, protects heater from burnout, and takes the worst water from wells and produces high quality purified pre-softened water for the best. If you want to spend less on a pre-filter, the Perfect Fill Pool Pre-Filter and Perfect Fill Spa Pre-Filter are really great products from Baleen that will improve the quality of your pool or spa fill water.
  • Choose washable replacement cartridges and clean pool/ spa cartridges at regular intervals. Washable filter cartridges are easy to clean and there is a whole range of filter cleaning and servicing products that can be used for DIY cartridge cleaning. Using a clogged cartridge not only supplies impure water; but it can damage the sanitizer, heater, filter and cartridge. A degreaser for water filters and a tool like the Baleen JetBrush can cut down on cleaning time.
  • Clean or replace the filter cartridge at the first sign of pressure drop or by the advised years/months of usage noted by your brand filter. A filter cartridge is constantly under pressure and the material tends to lose its integrity after long and sustained use. Baleen minimum recommendation is washing every 2-3 months or replacing it once per year(depending on water quality).
  • Always keep 2 cartridges on hand. One goes in the filter at all times, while the other is in the process of being cleaned or drying. When a filter is cleaned it must be completely dry before putting it back in the system for use; or the fabric will not be able to do its job. An extra filter means less downtime during cleaning and ensures the filter has dried completely after cleaning. As a result, you will reduce the frequency of purchasing filter cartridges.
  • Check incoming water quality regularly. Changes you see here, can help to balance water more quickly. If the fill water used is compromised, a pre-filter is mandatory. Baleen Turbo Ion Exchange Pre-Filter will be the best option.
  • Read the filter system guide and find out what is the time suggested by the filter company for cleaning, servicing and replacement of the filter. Baleen Filters are washable but not all filters are, make sure whether your filter is washable before doing so, or it may breakdown prematurely. Taking a filter out a few days early when it’s been in heavy use will make sure that water quality is its best.
  • Last but not least, you probably know this, but please select the proper filter cartridge for your system. Consider size of the pool, volume of water to be handled, and water quality while making the choice. Some companies like Pool Filters will find the right filter for you if you call with your specs.

In short, it doesn’t take long if you know what to do. Taking a little care of the cartridge not only keeps the pool clean but also extends its life over time. When a cartridge is cared for properly, the whole filtration system will last longer and work more efficiently. So, not only does it ensure clean water and better energy efficiency, but cartridge filters ensure long life for Swimming Pools and spas alike.