While possessing a backyard swimming pool is a matter of pride for a pool owner, maintaining it on a regular basis may seem to be a nightmare for many. However, pool maintenance can be made easy and your workload could be reduced with a good pool filter cartridge. The cartridge filtering element trap dirt and impurities, which are three to five times smaller than sand filter and have an average life span of three to five years if you maintain it properly.

unicel filter cartridges

You can prolong cartridge effectiveness and its lifespan simply with proper cleaning and maintaining a good chemical balance. All you need doing is rinsing out the physical dirt and debris at an interval of every two to four weeks. It is always advisable to purchase cartridge filters from leading brands like Hayward, Unicel pool filters, Pentair and more. Most of these filters come with anti-microbial protection and therefore inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as other microorganisms that cause odour and stains.

These filters are available in multiple sizes, so you can choose one as per the size of your swimming pool. One thing that needs to be borne in mind is that pool water clarity and the cartridge lifespan are dependent upon the frequency of pool or spa usage, duration between cleanings, thoroughness of cleanings, proper chemical balances, weather, contaminants in pool/spa and a horde of other items.

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