Spa filter is a crucial part of hot tubs and yet it is frequently neglected. Like other parts of a spa, its cartridge filter also needs care and attention. Some necessary measures for hot tub maintenance have been mentioned here.

Excellent Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance copyHaving a spa is a great luxury. At the same time, its maintenance is responsibility of the owner. Besides using first-class equipment such as Blue Ridge spa parts, there are certain measures that need to taken to keep your hot tub in best condition. Following are some of those:

  • Operate the spa at a low speed for a minimum of three hours everyday. This helps to increase spa water turnover and facilitates better circulation of spa water. It also ensures proper filtration by increasing the time taken for the process. Giving a shock treatment to spa water also helps to improve filtration.
  • Install a new spa filter preferably a cartridge filter as it is easy to operate and maintain, in case any of the following is true for your spa:
  1. Your spa filter has been through more than 12 months of regular usage.
  2. The filter has a brown, gray or green color.
  3. Filter has a beige or off-white color even when cleaned on a regular basis.
  4. The filter has any leaks, splits or cracks.
  5. Filtering media has lost its sheen and begun unravel.
  6. You have just purchased a second-hand hot tub.

In any of the above mentioned situations, it would be wise of you to choose Blue Ridge Spas filters.

  • Thoroughly rinse your spa filter using a garden hose weekly once. It helps to remove the dust and other dirt particles that get deposited on the filter over time. A high pressure hose is apt for this task.
  • Continuous use of spa results in contamination of water  by oils, sweat and other organic matter from the body of those who use the spa. Adding scum bags or scum balls can help you to get rid of these oils. Squeeze scum balls after every use. In case the balls start deteriorating, replace them.
  • If any part of spa equipment is beyond repair, replace it. Make sure you choose high-quality equipment. Spa parts in Canada, for instance, are highly efficient.
  • Remove the filter cartridge and rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose. Doing this weekly once helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt between the pleats. Once in every two weeks clean the cartridge thoroughly with a filter cleaning solution. Check the cartridge for signs of damage such as cracks and tears, and replace it if any of these signs show up.