Essential Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool for the Summer

It’s quite easy to think that opening a swimming pool after the winter months requires simply uncovering the pool and filling it with water, but that is not the case. Preparing the pool for summer fun takes a bit of work, but is well worth it in the long run. Read on to find out what you need to do to bring your swimming pool back to health for the summer season.

Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Summer

There are a few necessary preparations to make your swimming pool ready for the lazy summer days ahead. The following step by step process will walk you through all you need to know and do. So let’s get ready!

  1. Remove the cover from the pool. The cover may need to be cleaned; if so, use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning process. Do not use any harsh chemicals which might damage the cover. Store the cover as recommended.
  2. Skim the pool water surface for large debris. Skim anything that fell from the cover and is floating in your pool water, and other floating debris.
  3. Prep the filter and plumbing system. You can buy pool filters if you want to replace your old pool filters. Remove any plugs that were put in to stop water flow back into the pipes.
  4. Remove debris from filtration system. Check the filtration system and remove any debris that might have clogged it.
  5. Add water. If part of the winterization process included draining a portion of the pool water, or the water level is lower than the skimmer basket, now is the time to add water to the appropriate level.
  6. Brush and vacuum out deposits. Using a pool brush and vacuum, clean any deposits on the pool floor.
  7. Test and balance the water. Pool chemicals are required to balance the water chemistry. Have a water sample tested or complete a test yourself to get an accurate idea of what you will need. Balance the water by adjusting the alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and heavy metals.
  8. Shock. Chlorine shock will kill algae spores, bacteria, and make the water sparkling clean. Follow the manufacturer’s directions. It’s a good idea to wear chemical resistant gloves and safety goggles before you add shock to your pool. Take proper care so that you don’t pour the shock into the filter basket.
  9. Prime and run the filter pump. It’s time to set-up and run the filter pump. Prime the pool pump and check your pressure gauge, if it shows a sudden spike you will need to prime the pool pump again. It may take few tries to properly prime the pump.
  10. Allow the pump and filter system to run for at least 24 hours to fully disperse the shock treatment. After this, test the water again, balance as needed, and run the filtration system again. It may take a few cycles for the water to be correctly balanced.


The opening of a pool after a long duration is hard work but it can be done easily by following the procedure properly. Maintenance of pools and spas requires quite an effort but if the initial procedure is done right, further maintenance will be easier!

Sometimes small repairs are needed and changing of pool filter cartridges is required. This should be taken care of prior to, or at the time of the opening of the pool. Unicel pool filters are a good choice as a replacement of your existing pool filters and are recommended by professionals.

A bit of proper preparation and opening ensures a clean pool. Just follow these steps and you will soon be enjoying backstroking in your clean pool! Happy Summer!