Essential Products for Pool Maintenance - What Have You Missed

Enjoying in a swimming pool is probably the best thing to do after a long tiring day during summers. Some others, however, would rather go for a dip in their personal spas. Swimming in a pool, though an excellent physical activity that helps you burn excess calories, cannot give your body the massage experience that a spa offers. At the same time, you can definitely calm your senses in a spa but there is no physical activity involved. Tastes and preferences vary among people and we are not here to compare a pool with a spa. Each of these has its own set of benefits and there are many good reasons to choose any one of these or even both.

Regardless of whether you own a swimming pool, spa or both, you simply cannot escape the responsibility of maintaining it. Neglecting the same will only hamper your enjoyment with this luxury. Having realized this fact, pool owners have started to take pool maintenance even more seriously. Their regular purchase list now includes pool maintenance products as well. Usually, these products are used in tasks like cleaning, replacement of equipment or servicing of equipment. While a pool owner can take care of the former two tasks himself/herself, professional services are availed for later. Sometimes, even replacement tasks require you to hire a service engineer, especially when you are dealing with the crucial parts of the pool equipment such as pump or vacuum.

Pool and spa tools usually include cleaning solutions, filter wands, filter grids and replacement cartridge. Apart from these, there are some items we often neglect, such as:

  • Pool Cleaners: Manual pool cleaning may be effective, but sometimes it is not an option. Pool cleaners carry out the task in such cases.
  • Testing Kits: Stores that offer pool maintenance products, also offer testing kits that are required to estimate the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness in pool water. It is better to keep these kits handy.
  • Pool Covers: Water loss due to evaporation is a common problem faced by swimming pool owners during summers. It can be solved by using pool covers.

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