The most essential accessory for any swimming pool in filter is pool filter grids. But choosing the right pool filter grid for your pool can be a tricky task. You have to keep in mind the dimensions of the pool filter grid and the other specifications that it has to offer. You can choose from a host of pool filter grids being produced by different companies. The advantages of pool filters grids are that they give you clear water, they have large cleaning capacities and they improve the water flow. They also come laden with added technology features which facilitate ease of use and also increase usability. The grids can be used for any kind of pools, ponds or spas.

The main features of pool filter grids are:

Flange clamps to securely fasten the tank bottom and top. This facilitates access to internal components without disrupting any pipe or connection.

The grids are made of tough thermoplastic material that can be used in any kind of environment.

Tank top and bottom are self-aligned and that makes reaching the internal grid components easier.

The grid elements facilitate up-flow filtration and backwashing of top-down for optimum efficiency.

Inlet diffusers make sure that the unfiltered water is distributed to the filter elements equally.

Quick release air valve facilitates brisk turning of the lever.

A steady base with integrated lift handles makes the elimination of the grid quicker and easier.

These grids are suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial use.

Special emphasis is laid on the designing and construction of the pool filters to make them long lasting. The stitched seams are sonic welded that have chemical-resistant strings that ward of fraying. The grids are made completely out of polypropylene cloth which is rot and mildew resistant, robust and is highly resistant to alkalis and acids. The polypropylene has undergone several design and construction changes in the past five decades to make it much better than ever before.