To maintain uninterrupted pool fun as well as to keep it beautiful, it is necessary to clean your pool from time to time. It is to be noted that unclean water is the source of many diseases. Apart from an unpleasant appearance, a dirty pool can spread several diseases. Hence, it is imperative to regularly clean the wall and floor of the pool. In order to make sure that the pool is safe for the swimmers, you must also check the pH value of your pool water. Among various cleaning equipment, pool filter and swimming pool cartridges also play a crucial role in cleaning your pool water. There are various branded pool filters in the market such as Intex Pool Filters and Harmsco Pool Filters, just to name a few.



Here are 6 swimming pool equipment that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

  • Test Kit: You will need a test kit for checking the water quality of your pool. The kit will help you measure the pH level and the ingredients of other minerals as well. Apart from checking the acid and alkaline level, this kit helps you maintain the perfect level of acid and alkaline to make the water healthy and safe for the swimmers. You can avail this test kit in the form of liquid or tablet, based on your convenience.
  • Pool Filter: It is a vital equipment for cleaning your swimming pool. Both pool filter and pool pump work together to clean your pool water. The pump pushes the water into the filter wherein the filter cartridge traps all the dirt and debris. The filter cartridge further pushes the water back into the pool. Subsequently, the pump circulates the pure water, and mixes it with the rest of the water of your pool. This process is repeated until the entire water of your pool gets purified. For this, pool owners need to buy pool filters of reputed brands. Similarly, you should also make a point to buy pool filter replacements through authentic vendors whenever required.
  • Algae Brush: You can avail algae brush with stainless steel bristles. These brushes can efficiently remove algae and dirt from the bottom of the pool. This brush can be used even in pools featured with tiles and mosaic floor. These brushes are also available with poly bristles. These brushes with poly bristles can be availed in curved shape and they are extensively used for cleaning the corners of the pool too.
  • Nets: You can use nets for removing floating debris from water. You can avail both deep and shallow nets in the market. The nets can to be attached to a telescopic aluminum pole for removing the floating dirt.