As time goes by more and more debris get collected in your cartridge filters. Very less or no water is pumped through the filters when the level of debris collected on the filter reaches saturation point. No matter how you clean your cartridge filters, there are some tips which would ensure better performance as well as longevity of your pool cartridge filters.

You need to make sure that too much of debris does not get accumulated in the cartridge filter. This can be detected through the pressure gauge. When the pressure reaches 8-10 psi, then it is time to clean your pool filter cartridges.

You need to purchase good quality branded cartridge pool filters like Jandy, Harmsco etc for long term performance. Such filters without a doubt leave an impact in your pool system that becomes visible in the form of sparking clean water in ponds.

Instead of using high pressure equipment it would be suitable using a garden hose with moderate pressure to rinse off debris from cartridge cleaner. The O rings around the filter lid need to be lubricated with 100 % silicon grease.

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